Company Culture - World of Angus

Company Culture

We created this company because we wanted to share our passion for pet ownership. 
At World Of Angus, it all starts with a commitment to provide a better life for the people we work with. We believe that you shouldn't have to be a CEO or founder to be able to live life the way you want to. Everyone on our team is encouraged to do the things they love so that they can better enjoy the work they do.

As we build and grow our team we follow these principles:

  • Find and hire the best people
  • Trust them to do the work they were hired to do
  • Let them set their own schedule and work from where ever they want to
      Do you prefer working at home in the morning from 6 a.m. - 11 a.m, taking a break from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. and then finishing off the day in the office? Great, we love it. Do you prefer starting your day later because you teach a class in the morning and work better at night? Perfect. Are you the best at what you do but you live in the Southern U.S. making a commute to the Toronto office out of the question? Hired! Are coffee shops more your thing? We can work with that! 
      If this sounds like an organization that you can thrive in, and you have the initiative and drive to help us build the best dog lifestyle brand, we would love to meet you.